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Brain Thrive by 25. Help Your Pre-teen, Teen, Young Adult, or Yourself Succeed.

Why We're Giving This Course Away For FREE?

We want to reach and help as many students and parents as we can.

The young people in your life deserve the chance to be successful in school and in life, and be happy. And as we’ve discovered, all success starts in the brain. Help your loved ones and yourself learn everything they need to know to improve their brain performance and live a joyous and exciting life (and not wake up dreading school).

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Reach Your Optimal Potential

The online course where one of the world’s top neuroscientists, Dr. Daniel Amen and educator, Dr. Jesse Payne, trains young adults how to optimize their developing minds for real world success.
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Why Brain Thrive by 25 Works

Discover exciting new "brain power" activities, exercises and daily habits to boost your mental focus, and make your good brain great.

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Improve School Performance

Empower yourself with brain healthy skills that will prime you for relevant real-world success

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Bring Out Your Best Self

Get the confidence that comes with a stronger mind to elevate everything you think, feel and do.

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Take Control of Your Future

Master your health, emotions, relationships, and academics to create a brighter future.

What Research Shows:

Brain Thrive by 25 is a scientifically-designed research-based course designed to change the lives of teenagers and young adults all over the world.

Multi-Dimensional Education, Inc., (MDEI) an independent education research group, studied the effects of Brain Thrive by 25 at 16 sites on over 330 students. They found that the 12-lesson/12-lab course:

  • Significantly decreased drug, alcohol and tobacco use
  • Decreased depression
  • Improved self-esteem

Utilizing a multi-dimensional approach to assessing the outcomes associated with the implementation of Brain Thrive by 25, this study supports the Brain Thrive by 25 positive impact on brain function and schools seeking to help students succeed academically.

According to Dr. Doug Grove, President of MDEI, “After spending a year organizing and implementing the study, and weeks of analysis, the results strongly supported that unlike many interventions we have evaluated, Brain Thrive by 25 was literally making a difference in developing better minds of the students who took part in the intervention.”

Brain Thrive by 25 Syllabus
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When your brain works right, you work right.

Since the brain is malleable until 25, the sooner you learn these powerful skills to care, nourish, protect and optimize your brain, the faster you will lay the building blocks to a future high-performing brain.

What You'll Learn:

  • •   How to sharpen focus, learn faster, enhance memory skills with nutrition and exercise.

  • •   How the brain develops and runs everything in your life.

  • •   How to avoid the not-so-obvious bad (brain) habits -- and replace them with good ones.

Meet the Instructors

Daniel Amen, M.D. is a neuroscientist, double board certified psychiatrist, and ten-time New York Times bestselling author. He is one of the world’s foremost experts on using brain imaging tools to help optimize and treat his patients. He is the producer of ten highly popular shows about the brain, which have raised more than sixty-five million dollars for public television. His work has been featured in The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post, Men’s Health, The Dr. Oz Show and Dr. Phil.

Dr. Jesse Payne is the founder of Brain25, Director of Education for the Change Your Brain Foundation, and Undergraduate Director/Assistant Professor of Education at Corban University. He has held teacher credentials/licenses in the state of California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. He has worked within the field of education since 1998 as a classroom teacher (elementary and high school), after school science instructor, summer camp coordinator/counselor, non-directive play therapist, and program/curriculum developer.

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3 Transferable Credits = Only $299

You can enroll in this self-paced course anytime and earn college credits transferable to any accredited university. Open to both undergraduate and high school students, Brain Thrive by 25 offers the option to earn 3 online transferable credits transcribed by Corban University.
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  • “I liked the simplicity. Dr. Amen makes this class approachable and practical. He taught me the tools to optimize my brain. Actually seeing the SPECT scans and the real negative effects of alcohol and drugs on the brain was a game changer.”


    — Ashley

  • “This is probably the most useful course I've taken because it covers so much about what I actually do everyday. And how I can be hurting or helping my overall brain function, which deteremines everything I do, think, and feel! That's powerful and eye-opening. Thank you for this course Dr. Amen!”


    — Jorge

  • “I used to have to study for hours to prepare for routine quizzes and homework was always a 4-5 hour mission. Dr. Amen has taught me how to manage my time more efficiently and I am now able to stay organized throughout the semester so studying and homework is now a basic routine rather than a nightmare.”


    — Marcel

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